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Thank you to everyone who attend the AGM last night.

​We would like to congratulate Peter Roberts who has become to new president.

Crimmins Award: Paul Burge

Wakeling Award: Kelly Ruddick

John Weeks training

 With track and field starting, John Weeks has started up his training again. To suit those wanting to get some guidance and speed in their legs for the track events.
Training is on Monday and Thursday nights at 5:15pm at Llanberris Athletics Track

To get into the track you'll need an access pass that can be purchased from intersport Ballarat(Bridge Mall). Everytime you swipe/tap your card a small amount will be deduction, so make sure you keep yourself topped up!

  Ballarat Harriers Blazer
 If you have never been lucky enough to grab one of the original blazers, Crockers in Ballarat can now custom fit one for you for $200, (Thank you Rob Nicholls for organising this.)

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Ballarat Harriers
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No slope is too steep, no ridge too narrow. We're here to take on the world. Join us. 

Looking for a club to join

Ballarat Harriers is one of Australia’s oldest sporting club and offers great membership options for the beginner right up to the most experienced runners.

​Our Cross Country Program for 2019 will be starting on the 30th March. So get your legs ready for some puddle jumping, mountain climbing and all terrain running.  Our track and field shield season has finished up and our great club did an amazing job!

During the summer season – October to March – Ballarat Harriers' compete in the Ballarat Regional Athletics Centre track and field competitions at Llanberris Reserve, Ballarat East. Our athletes can compete in the complete range of running, throwing and jumping events (yes, even pole vault), where they line up against other Harriers, as well as athletes from Ballarat’s three other athletics clubs.

During our winter season - March to September -Ballarat Harriers races take full advantage of the natural beauty of the region – forests, creek trails, lakes, mountains, and parklands – all within 20 minutes of Ballarat.

Check out the Cross Country 2018 results here

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