No slope is too steep, no ridge too narrow. We're here to take on the world. Join us. 

We don't need pavement to explore -- all we need is a bike and a destination. Join us on our daily bike rides, or sign up for our weeklong excursions in some of the most remote territory.


Looking for a running club to join in? Ballarat Harriers is Australia’s oldest sporting club and offers great membership options for the beginner right up to the most experienced runners.

Our Cross Country Program has just commenced (not to late to become a member!). Ballarat Harriers has a reputation for providing some of the most challenging, varied and exciting cross country racing not only in Ballarat, but also Victoria.

Why? Our program of weekly races takes full advantage of the natural beauty of the region – forests, creek trails, lakes, mountains, and parkland – all within 20 minutes of town.

Ballarat Harriers
Celebrating 125 years

CROSS Country Program

Led by certified guides, we'll take you on the experience of a lifetime.




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125th Pack Run
​Sunday 26th June at 10.30am
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