Ballarat Harriers Always Striving          founded in 1891


27 Bryan Lewry 2.8 km Handicap and AGM
3 Crater Run 4 km Handicap, Mt Buninyong
          10 Kirk’s 4 km Handicap, Kirk’s Reservoir, Daylesford Road
          17 Pax Hill 5 km Handicap, Corner of Fussell and Spencer Street, Canadian
24 BRAC Victoria Relays, Federation University, Mt Helen
          1 AV XCR Relays, Jells Park
  1 Union Jack Handicap 4.5 km Handicap, Elizabeth Street, Buninyong

8 Kevin Davies 2 mile Cross Country Championship, Pipers at the Lake
          15 BRAC Lap of the Lake, St Patrick’s Point
          22 AV XCR 8 km Cross Country, Lardner Park
          22 Nicholls Nightmare 4.5 km/7.5 km Handicap, Berg’s Lane, Mt Clear
          29 CE Herbert 3 km /5 km Handicap, Buninyong Gardens
          5 Hall Family Front and Back Markers, Elsworth Street West, Canadian
          5 AV XCR Ekiden Relay, St Anne’s Winery, Myrniong
          12 President’s 4.5 km Handicap, Eureka Stockade
          19 Fred Luke 5 mile and 4 km Championships, St George’s Lake, Creswick
          26 AV XCR 12 km Cross Country, Cruden Farm
          26 The Gong 4 km Handicap, Gong Gong Reservoir,
         3 Norm Kennedy and Christine O’Halloran King & Queen of the Mountain, 3 km and 6 km, Buninyong Shopping Centre
         10 AV XCR Road Relay, Sandown
         10 Combined Race, Venue to be confirmed
         17 AV XCR 10 km Cross Country, Bundoora
         17 The Glen 3 km/5.3 km Handicap, Jones Avenue, Mt Clear
         24 Slatey Creek 3 km/5.3 km Handicap
         31 AV XCR 15 km Road Race, Lake Wendouree

         7 BRAC Charles Suffren, 6.4 km, Smythesdale Equestrian Centre
        14 Combined Run, Eureka Clubrooms, 6.4 km/3.2 km, Reid Street, Brown Hill
        15 AV XCR 10km road race, Lakeside, Albert Park
        21 BRAC Wal Brown 8 km, Pax Hill, Corner of Fussell and Spencer Street, Canadian
        28 5 km and 10 km Past Champions Road Race Championships, Victoria Park
        4 Stan and Arley Nicholls 5 km Handicap, Ballarat City Rowing Club
        5 AV XCR Half Marathon, Burnley
        11 Rupert Pearson Lap of the Lake, 6 km Handicap
        18 AV XCR The Tan Relays, 3.8 km, Alexandra Avenue, Melbourne