Ballarat Harriers Always Striving          founded in 1891


27 Bryan Lewry 2.8 km Handicap and AGM
3 Crater Run 4 km Handicap, Mt Buninyong
          10 Kirk’s 4 km Handicap, Kirk’s Reservoir, Daylesford Road
          17 Pax Hill 5 km Handicap, Corner of Fussell and Spencer Street, Canadian
24 BRAC Victoria Relays, Federation University, Mt Helen
          1 AV XCR Relays, Jells Park
  1 Union Jack Handicap 4.5 km Handicap, Elizabeth Street, Buninyong

8 Kevin Davies 2 mile Cross Country Championship, Pipers at the Lake
          15 BRAC Lap of the Lake, St Patrick’s Point
          22 AV XCR 8 km Cross Country, Lardner Park
22 Nicholls Nightmare 4.5 km/7.5 km Handicap, Berg’s Lane, Mt Clear
          29 No race due to COVID-19 restrictions
          5 No race due to COVID-19 restrictions
          5 AV XCR Ekiden Relay, St Anne’s Winery, Myrniong
12 President’s 4.5 km Handicap, Eureka Stockade
19 Fred Luke 5 mile and 4 km Championships, St George’s Lake, Creswick 
26 The Gong 4 km Handicap, Gong Gong Reservoir
3 Norm Kennedy and Christine O’Halloran King & Queen of the Mountain, 3 km and 6 km, Buninyong Shopping Centre
          10 AV XCR Road Relay, Sandown
          10 Hall Family Front and Back Markers, Elsworth Street West, Canadian
          17 AV XCR 10 km Cross Country, Bundoora
          17 The Glen 3 km/5.3 km Handicap, Jones Avenue, Mt Clear
          24 BRAC Charles Suffren, 6.4 km, Smythesdale Equestrian Centre
          31 AV XCR 15 km Road Race, Lake Wendouree
           7  Slatey Creek 3 km/5.3 km Handicap
           7 AV XCR Ekiden Relay, St Anne’s Winery, Myrniong 
           14 CE Herbert 3 km /5 km Handicap, Buninyong Gardens
           15 AV XCR 10km road race, Lakeside, Albert Park
           21 BRAC Wal Brown 8 km, Pax Hill, Corner of Fussell and Spencer Street, Canadian
           28 5 km and 10 km Past Champions Road Race Championships, Victoria Park
            4 Stan and Arley Nicholls 5 km Handicap, Ballarat City Rowing Club
            5 AV XCR Half Marathon, Burnley
            11 Rupert Pearson Lap of the Lake, 6 km Handicap
            18 AV XCR The Tan Relays, 3.8 km, Alexandra Avenue, Melbourne